Along with his exceptional experience in sport and business, Ed's approachable and affirmable personality have made him a popular public and motivational speaker for a wide variety of audiences, from students to corporate business clients. 

Ed is a knowledgeable and engaging presenter, ensuring that his talks leave the audience inspired, informed and motivated. Topics covered are always based around the requirements of the client or event.

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    Ed has spoken at events for a variety of clients. He brings his experience from the cycling world and translates it to wider practice in business and other areas, interspersing anecdotes with personable and achievable advice. Ed is able to offer Q&A sessions, motivational talks and longer speeches.

    Ed is also now well acquainted with delivering sessions over Zoom!  


    Ed is interested in promoting resilience and the importance of training yourself mentally as well as physically. Having back surgery less than a year before Rio, and now working towards a delayed Tokyo Olympics, he has real experience in dealing with moving goalposts, which many people can relate to. He has worked with long-standing clients on developing good practice in the workplace; popular topics have included marginal gains, practical steps to take to achieve a goal, how to get the best out of yourself and how to deal with adversity.

  • corporate RIDE OUTS

    A unique team building or away day experience, Ed can offer guided group cycling sessions on the road or on the track. He can work with groups as a one off or with a team who want to work towards a challenge over a few months.


Leah Kalinsky, Co-Chair Mental Health - Marsh UK & Ireland 

Colleagues' wellbeing is at the forefront of Marsh’s agenda and to help us promote men’s mental health, we asked Ed to kick off the discussion about what mental health means to him and the ways in which he has overcome challenges when faced with highly stressful competitive environments.

Being male and a sportsman bridged the gap nicely when it came to discussing mental health within a male-oriented industry. The corporate world of insurance is very different to that of an athlete; however, Ed’s thoughtful approach encompassed the importance of taking control of your mental health, regardless what industry you work in.

Ed’s message was relatable, honest and very well-received across the business. Ed is a great role model not just for his athletic capabilities; he has an incredibly humbling presence that always promotes positive engagement.

Phil Kelly, Director and Head of Human Performance - 

Pro-Noctis Ltd 

Ed is a true professional and role model; approachable, down to earth, meticulous, knowledgeable yet always willing and wanting to learn more... That is why we were so keen to have him as our brand ambassador. For the past three years, he has continued to naturally align with the values of our organisation and has proven to be a huge hit with our clients, especially during the difficult times of the COVID lockdown.

Without hesitation and despite facing the personal disappointment of the 2020 Olympics being delayed, he joined numerous clients' Zoom Calls and attended live webinars and Instagram Lives to help motivate and inspire our clients through what is an extremely challenging time for everyone. 

Ed is the consummate professional and we look forward to continuing our flourishing relationship long into the future.

Alistair Fraser-Hawkins, CEO UK Corporate Business - 


I have worked with Ed on a number of occasions in his role as an ambassador for Marsh in the UK. He is very easy to work with and his insight into teamwork, elite performance and delivering success translates to business seamlessly

Anna Homer, Athlete 

Ed has valuable insights into performance and mindset for athletes of any level. We have had many helpful discussions about the effect of mindset on performance and the need to train both physically and mentally in order to be your best when it matters. He also highlighted the importance of physical and mental recuperation, something that can be easily overlooked.


He has given great practical advice on how to actually achieve a change in mindset by working on it a little day by day. Having manageable goals and tasks that fit easily into the rest of my life made working on my mental game a source of satisfaction rather than a chore. 


You can sometimes get lost in what you "should" be doing - you can read so much conflicting advice and end up overloaded! Ed really helped me focus on what was important to me and the tweaks I could make to effect a positive change. I appreciate his guidance and respectful, conversation-based approach.

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