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Our mission is to move a generation of children, putting the bicycle back at the heart of childhood play, forming lifelong habits that will deliver benefits for health and the environment

for years to come.

Graham Briggs and I began seriously discussing plans for a Cycling Academy in 2014...

"We are big bike fans but felt cycling is more difficult for kids to get into now than when we were young. Cycling as a sport has never been more popular, but we wanted to make it more accessible - we realised we didn’t know of any large-scale cycling academies or spaces where kids could just learn to ride - and so the work to create Clancy Briggs began. 


“There’s one thing I want the Academy to be about: fun. Growing up, cycling was about getting out of the house, seeing friends, having a laugh - maybe racing around a playground, seeing who could get furthest up a muddy bank, setting up some bricks and planks and just having a good time! 


“Clancy Briggs is skills-based. We want to enable kids to be safe and confident while cycling both on and off roads. More than that, we want the kids to develop friendships, learn how to be good team mates and have confidence in themselves. Some kids may go on to cycle at elite level, but we want everyone to develop their cycling skills and have fun doing it. Cycling is an amazing sport but is also so much more than a sport. 


“It’s not just about kids who come from families who are already into cycling. I want to reach kids from families who’ve never had a bike before. Everyone deserves access to the benefits of cycling - from physical health to mental health to lifelong friendships. I’d love for Clancy Briggs to eventually expand across the UK, and work with local businesses or corporate sponsors to give any kid who wants to ride access to the Academy. 


“I’ve made great mates and have brilliant stories from cycling - I can’t put the benefits into words. I want the kids at the Academy to have that experience growing up, and for the rest of their lives."

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